NEW CD MOONTOWER NIGHTS REVIEWS 10/12/2021: JAZZ DADDIES/Moontower Nights: "With a sound and and an attitude that falls somewhere between modern fusion and classic daddio, this bunch of jazzbos are all about gathering on the riser and letting the good vibes fly. Straight up stuff that doesn't need frills or frippery to makes you feel like you're listening to cats that know their Al & Zoot inside out. Real tasty." 10/9/2021: "Credible Jazz from Austin musicians." 10/11/2021: Jazz Daddies - "Moontower Nights". "Randy Larkin is the guitarist and composer for the group 'Jazz Daddies' who are based in Austin, Texas. He has contributed all the original compositions for this entertaining album of music. The group sometimes performs as a quintet, at other times, as a quartet. Either way, they are a tightly knit ball of entertainment that incorporates a taste of the seventy's music with the more modern jazz of today." 12/28/2021: "Jazz Daddies are based in the Austin area, and are led by guitarist Randy Larkin, who composed all the material for Moontower Nights. The band is also made up of Gary Feist on bass, Kenny Felton on percussion, Andrew Malay on saxophone, Marty Mitchell on bass, and Shane Pitsch on trumpet and flugelhorn. The album gets off to a good start with “Voyage To Nepal,” a track that has a delicious groove. It is the saxophone lead that takes us away from our normal surroundings and gives us the sense of existing in a more exciting place. That’s followed by the album’s title track, “Moontower Nights,” a totally catchy and swinging number. This one too is able to transport us, but in this case to another time. It features a wonderful lead on guitar. Then there is a certain joy to “Blues On The Green,” particularly Randy Larkin’s work on guitar. That’s followed by another fun track, “Hot Dog,” in which the band at one point calls out the name of the song, making this the only of the album’s tracks to feature vocals. I love that lively work on trumpet. And “Rainy Paradise” has such a cheerful vibe that you can’t help but let it overtake you. “Bossa Verde” features yet another excellent lead on guitar. The album concludes with “Rico,” another enjoyable number with a delightful groove. Again, there is a lot of joy to this music, and we can all certainly use that these days. This album was released on September 6, 2021."


Suman S. 10/23/2021 Wedding: "It was a wonderful addition to our celebrations!! Lot of out of town guests said they have heard so much about Austin being a live music capital and bringing such good music to them was a treat. Jazz Daddies were very professional and entertaining. Thank you very much once again."

Katie A. 7/8/2021 Community Concert: "Love the Jazz Daddies! They were fabulous!

Ellen W. 5/1/2021 Wedding: "They sounded amazing and were terrific to work with. We used them for our wedding and could not be happier with the performance."

Berry B. 3/7/2020 Corporate Fundraiser: "I hired the Jazz Daddies for a fundraising event at a private campus - they were super organized in advance of the event, responsive to our requests and were extremely professional on the day of the event.  The music was perfectly suited to the event and we loved having them play. Would strongly recommend to anyone!"

Matt H. 2/1/2020 Private Party: "Had the Jazz Daddies play our 1920s house party and they were perfect. Tasteful music and players. Easy to work with."