Moontower Nights

Jazz Daddies

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Jazz Daddies 2021 release "Moontower Nights" includes 10 original Jazz tracks. The songs were written and produced by guitarist Randy Larkin. The release features Larkin - guitar, Gary Feist - bass, Kenny Felton - drums, Andrew Malay - sax, Marty Mitchell - bass, and Shane Pitsch - trumpet. The album was recorded and co-produced by Stuart Sullivan at Wire Recording in Austin, Texas. Mastering by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Mastering, Austin, Texas.

REVIEWS: 10/12/2021: "With a sound and and an attitude that falls somewhere between modern fusion and classic daddio, this bunch of jazzbos are all about gathering on the riser and letting the good vibes fly. Straight up stuff that doesn't need frills or frippery to makes you feel like you're listening to cats that know their Al & Zoot inside out. Real tasty." 10/11/2021:
"Randy Larkin is the guitarist and composer for the group “Jazz Daddies” who are based in Austin, Texas. He has contributed all the original compositions for this entertaining album of music. The group sometimes performs as a quintet and, at other times, as a quartet. Either way, they are a tightly knit ball of entertainment that incorporates a taste of the seventy’s music with the more modern jazz of today. Kenny Felton, their drummer, is a graduate of Indiana University and also leads his own local band, ‘Gumbo Ya Ya.’ Felton has established a nonprofit music education program for school aged youth in the Austin area. Saxophone player, Andrew Malay, is a product of North Texas State University and holds a Master’s degree in music. Malay has a warm, honey-sweet tone on his saxophone. Trumpeter, Shane Pitsch, boasts a PhD in trumpet performance from UT Austin and leads his own band, as well as being a productive member of the “Jazz Daddies” ensemble. Marty Mitchell is one of two bass players used in the group and he’s self-taught. You can enjoy his big, bass sound on this group’s premier track, “Voyage to Nepal” where he solos and struts his stuff. He did attend university and helped pay for his education by playing in a popular college band. Marty also sings. Gary Feist is the other bassist and a professional videographer and photographer who owns a company called Yellowdog Films. His company creates commercials. Gary is a strong vocalist as well as a bass player with deep roots in the New Orleans music culture. You hear his electric bass style on the tune, “Cool Island Walk.” Their title tune, “Moontower Nights” sounds as if it’s based on the changes of Wes Montgomery’s “Tequila” tune. In case you were wondering, a Moontower was a popular way of street-lighting before the construction of Austin’s city lights. They are currently iconic and protected structures in Austin, Texas. The most popular one serves as a colorful, annual Christmas tree of lights in Austin’s Ziker Park. This is an album that mixes jazz with strong R&B grooves. For example, “Hot Dog” is a Randy Larkin composition that invites the musicians to shout out the title at choreographed spots during the arrangement. It’s a happy song, lending the spotlight to Andrew Malay on saxophone and the bright, energetic trumpet of Shane Pitsch spices the tune up. Kenny Felton pumps his drums and infuses the group with dynamism. This “Jazz Daddies” group blends swing, blues, bebop, Latin and funk music, offering us ten well-played original songs. “On Call” is a jazz waltz and “Bossa Verde” encourages me to cha-cha-cha across the room as does the tune, “Rico,” with its catchy guitar melody highlighted by Kenny’s solid percussion and splashed with jazzy colors from Andrew Malay’s sax solo."

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